Summary: Even after 65 years of democracy in India, life of ordinary citizen is just too stressful.

Government of India is asking banks to stop harassing pensioners but Central Bank of India officials are still not following banking or Govt guidelines,holding pensions up to 8 months unlawfully, hiding information and evading replying and bank chairman instead of taking action choose to stay silent.

Following is a case of retiree (2004) V. K. Gupta PPO No.-4234 whose Pension Arrears were withheld for 6 months and still not corrected, Pension was held up many times for years even up to 8 months without any valid reason and around 3 times more income tax deducted on imaginary pension which wasn’t received despite senior most bank officials are informed about it.

Pensioners don't even know what is their actual pension each month which they are receiving and instead of addressing the issues central bank of India is hiding information on how they grossly under-calculated arrears and senior bank officials are keeping silence and evade answering?

Now even the senior most officials in Central Bank of India, Rajeev Rishi, CMD chose not to reply when many emails were sent to them as why his Bareilly bank officials are not following the CBI bank policy.

As per law even government of India can’t stop the pension of a retiree but CBI officials have demonstrated again and again with total disregard to the Government of India initiative by acting in an autocratic manner.

Should ordinary old pensioners suffer by the central bank’s callous and irresponsible behaviour despite Government of India initiative that pensioners shouldn’t be harassed?

If problems of harassment can’t be solved even after informing to the chairman of a bank for more than 6 months than what about the stressful situation of other pensioners/bank customers?