Recent deportation of Orlando Bloom from India sum up everything what are the problems which arises while doing business in India.

Imagine the messy situation in India, where a chief guest (Hollywood Actor) is invited to promote tourism from London to Delhi on behalf of Chief Minister of a state (Uttar Pradesh) India and he is deported back to London because of the confusion in India e visa system.

India is synonym to unpredictability and that is precisely what business person don't want while making an investment however nothing concrete has been done by Indian government in this direction.

In the last one decade there is hardly a single company which is making profit in Indian retail sector.

In fact most companies including Walmart are facing serious losses however still many more rushing to India in hope considering large population and growing economy but they don't realize the low profit margins.

Unless western business understand Indian psychology and inherent problems in India,it is extremly difficult for any business to be profitable in India.

Low profit margins is another reasons that company such as HSBC are closing down India private banking business

Similarly infrastructure and unpredictability are so high that a rain can force companies to relocate
for example recently many western companies ended up relocating from Chennai because of rain

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