Brexit EU Referendum In or Out - New documentary by Subodh Gupta from Journalism News Network released today.

23rd June 2016 the day of EU referendum will be perhaps the most important day in the modern history of the UK when citizen will be deciding about its relationship with the EU which is seen as undemocratic and non transparent by many in the UK.

The documentary explored the views of both side campaigners and left the decision for the viewers to decide.

Following eminent people share their views in the documentary.
Lord Karan Bilimoria
Lord Paddy Ashdown
Kate Hoey Labour MP for Vauxhall
Douglas Carswell UKIP MP for Clacton
Shri Satish Modi Industrialist
Savita Kay CEO House of iKons
Pratik Dattani Director FICCI
Donald Boyd Film Director
Anuja Prashar
Dr Sachin Nandha
Kishan Bhatt
Vichaar Manthan VM

EU Referendum Public Opinion

Is EU democratic and transparent

New Brexit Documentary EU Referendum debate In or Out by Subodh Gupta