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Doing Business in India

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Doing Business in India: India Business Consultancy

We provide training & management advisory service facilitating trade between the West and India.
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In reference to India we provide:
• In-house training about business challenges & cultural aspects    
• Guidance about specific sectors which offers abundance opportunities 
• Advise about entry strategy, business model and brand positioning  
• Guidance in the area of recruitment and retention 

We are based in London.

India Business Trainer & Consultant:

Subodh Gupta

Subodh Gupta is the author of the books "Doing Business in India and Understanding Pitfalls" and "Understanding Indian Culture & Bridging the Communication Gap" available at Amazon, Waterstones, Borders, W H Smith, Barnes and Nobles, etc.

He brings a wealth of cultural knowledge and experience about Indian business environment following a long career in India where he worked for around 12 years as a government official, an entrepreneur running number of companies, an editor to a business journal, a guest professor to various MBA schools, a training consultant for The Times of India Group (India’s largest media group) and as a corporate trainer. He worked around 6 years in the UK as a freelance trainer and consultant.

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“The only book on understanding pitfalls while doing business in India”

This practical book will create awareness about business challenges in India and certainly help you in avoiding the cost of expensive mistake.

Content of the book Doing Business in India & Understanding Pitfalls


Part 1: Understanding the Indian Mind

  • What motivates Indian people most?                                  
  • Negotiations in India                                                      
  • Where Indians spend most of their life savings?                                                

Part 2: Doing Business and Understanding Pitfalls

  • Myth about 300 millions middle class consumers  
  • Retail sector                                                             
  • Real estate       
  • Education system 
  • BPO’s industry  
  • Legal system  
  • How Indian companies stay competitive?  
  • Can India sustain about 8% growth until 2020? 
  • Potential pitfalls while doing business in India      


Doing Business in India and Understanding Pitfalls is available at,, Barnes and Nobles, Borders, W H Smith.

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