Subodh Gupta India Business Consultant

Marketing Book

Marketing Book: "Marketing Simplified" by author, trainer and SEO consultant Subodh Gupta.

“Simple and a practical book on Marketing”

This Marketing book is  ideal for MBA and BBS university students who want to understand marketing in a practical way.

This book will help self employed and small business owners to increase their profits and build up their businesses within a small budget.

This book will also help marketing managers working in a small and mid size organization to build a marketing plan step by step.

You may have the best product or service to offer but unless other people know about it you wouldn't get anywhere.

The objective of this book is to understand what marketing is all about, increase your sales and save your investment on the wasteful expenditure in various advertising campaign.

This book is divided into 2 sections. Section one explains about marketing with the help of practical examples and section two will help you to build effective marketing plan for your own company or your marketing campaign.

This is a small book straight to the point and without tons of theory. You need to sit down with your pen and paper and get ready to enter the world of marketing in a simple and a practical way.

This Marketing book "Marketing Simplified" is available at,, Barnes and Nobles, Borders and W H Smith.
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